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Why do so many American politicians lean on Nazi analogies? Because they, and their audiences, don't know about anything else.

Today The New York Times has an op/ed by Republican think tank man Peter Wehner, headlined, "Why Ben Carson's Nazi Analogies Matter."

I groped through Wehner's piece fruitlessly for the more obvious question: "Why Ben Carson Uses Nazi Analogies in the First Place."

He uses them, of course, for the same reason Internet trolls resort to them so frequently: He doesn't know much about the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, or the Sexual Revolution. He doesn't know the Great Potato Famine from the Great Leap Forward. He knows not about Nebuchadnezzar, and little more about ancient Greece, and his idea of ancient Rome is before Mussolini showed up.

But like most Americans, he knows him some World War II history. Like them, eighty percent of his knowledge of all world history is World War II history. And eighty percent of that knowledge is history of the European theater of that war. And eighty percent of that knowledge is about the Nazis, who were fun to study as a kid for the same reason Lex Luthor was fun to study as a kid.

So when Carson is trying to get ignorant Americans alarmed about social catastrophes going on right under their noses, what's he going to compare it to? The 100 Years' War?

People who lean on Nazi references are usually the badly educated attempting to lead the uneducated. 

Just like Hitler! —DM

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