April showers brought May forums

Foremost forums upcoming in May

Ceres Conference (May 11 – 12; Oakland). Program focuses on “the integration of sustainability into business strategy and long-term shareholder value” for an audience of executives of private and public sector organizations, as well as representatives from labor, public policy, and investment services. 2011 conference theme:  “Igniting Innovation. Scaling Sustainability.” Read more.

Sustainable Operations Summit (May 15 – 17; Pasadena). Summit is an invitation-only event that is self-described as having been developed to bring together “key leadership from North America’s largest and most influential organizations to share best practices that benefit both the environment and the bottom line.” Program addresses such topics as green building, renewable energy, resource conservation, and other initiatives that can reduce harmful impacts on the environment, focusing on real-world stories of companies’ successes and mistakes. Read more.

European Business Summit (May 18 – 19; Brussels). Program is self-described as “Europe’s key platform for business leaders and decision makers to debate how to build a more competitive and sustainable European Union.” The theme for 2011: “Europe in the World—Leading or Lagging?” Read more.

Seoul Digital Forum (May 24 – 26; Seoul). The event’s self-described mission is to “promote greater knowledge and understanding of issues pertaining to the digital era” and examine issues at the intersection of IT, media, entertainment, and business. Event addresses such topics as opportunities and challenges resulting from developments in information technology; understanding political, economic, social, and cultural paradigm changes; and the future of the digital world. Read more.

Noteworthy conferences beginning agenda planning this month

Economist Group will begin agenda development for its Ideas Economy Series: Intelligent Infrastructure event, being held February 15 – 16 in Portland, Ore. Event focuses on “energy, architecture, information, transportation, finance, and cities of the future.” Program addresses such topics as sustainable cities; the human network; and infrastructure investing. Read more.

Kiel Institute for the World Economy will begin solidifying the agenda for its Global Economic Symposium (GES) scheduled for October 4 – 6 in Kiel, Germany. GES is self-described as bringing together “leaders from the world’s policy-making, business, academic and civic communities to find new ways of tackling major global economic problems.” Program addresses such topics as balancing risk taking and financial regulation; content and limits of corporate social responsibility; and the future of global financial governance. Read more.

Social Venture Network will begin developing the agenda for its Fall Conference taking place October 27 – 30 in Philadelphia. Event convenes SVN members, affiliates, and other guests to “celebrate the next generation of social ventures”; “learn from the collective experience of leading mission-driven business owners and social entrepreneurs”; and share ideas and best practices with other members. Program addresses such topics as social enterprises leading global social transformation; local and global strategies to transform impact investing; and attracting and empowering talent for an organization. Read more.

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