A Communicator’s Gift, for the Holidays

Give our wisdom to colleagues and vendors, family and friends.

Every holiday season a hotshot PR guy we worked with used to send a barrel of popcorn for the holidays. Another consultant used to donate, in our name, to the restoration of a kelp forest. 

We always preferred the popcorn.

But here’s a much better idea for communicators looking to give a meaningful gift to colleagues and clients, friends and family members. Give the gift of our book: An Effort to Understand

These essays are from “a life in American communication”; that’s my life, with you. You share this book, you share yourself.

And by doing so, you lend your communicator’s insight to everyone you work with, live with and loveā€”and have this book in common with them.

To make it feasible for you to order as many copies as possible, Disruption Books is offering the book at a 40% holiday discount; you wind up paying about $10 per book. Sale ends November 30.

Just click here to order, and use the code Murray40, at checkout.

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