“You don’t remember me,” Dr. King said to Thomas Freeman, “but I remember you.”

The legendary debate coach died this month, at 100, but his contribution endures through the history-making rhetoric he inspired.

Texas Southern University debate coach Thomas Freeman taught hundreds or thousands of African American leaders how to teach, Texas congresswoman Barbara Jordan being only the most prominent of his pupils.

Well, the second most prominent, according to Freeman’s obit this week in The New York Times. (Freeman died June 6, at 100.)

One [of Freeman’s protégés] was an 18-year-old named Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Freeman, who was a guest lecturer at Morehouse College in 1947, did not recall teaching him until Dr. King saw him years later at a restaurant and went up and introduced himself.

“You don’t remember me,” Dr. King told him, “but I remember you.”

Thomas Freeman, RIP.

We’ll take it from here.

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