What it sounds like when we capture the speaker’s voice: The speaker!

The lead of a New York Times review of actress Patti LuPone’s new memoir tells a tale that shows speechwriting at its best:

Patti LuPone’s 60 seconds of glory at the Tonys after her win for “Gypsy” constituted one of the highlights of that year’s telecast. Cradling the twirling medallion, she began with a sly joke. “It’s such a wonderful gift to be an actor who makes her living working on the Broadway stage,” she said, “and then every 30 years or so, pick up one of these.”

As Ms. LuPone reveals with refreshing candor in her new autobiography, the line was actually written by a friend. Nevertheless it captures the LuPone tone precisely.

Yes, people, it’s possible to write speeches—or at least great lines—that people could swear the speaker came up with him- or herself.

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