Leadership Communication Days to be hosted by General Electric

You may now sign up for the 2012 Leadership Communication Days.

I’m borderline-inappropriately excited to announce that General Electric executive communications director Eric Schnure is hosting the event this year, at G.E.’s offices in Washington, D.C. It’s slated for Oct. 25- 26, and though we don’t have the new website up yet—the event will be structured similarly to last year’s—you can e-mail Jennifer Tanabe at [email protected]. She’ll take reservations in the order she gets them, until we hit our participant cap of 20. And she’ll bill you when our program is finalized.

If you’d rather wait until we’ve got the new site up, that’s fine, but you risk losing your seat to what will no doubt be one great meeting.

I must be the only fool in Chicago looking forward to late October.

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