Two Speechwriters Made Good

One speechwriter became a cover-credited book collaborator; another parlayed his job into a chief marketing officer post.

Speechwriter made good, Part One: As we’ve noted here before, former James Clapper speechwriter Trey Brown is now James Clapper cover-credited book collaborator Trey Brown. And the two of them appeared together this week for a Q&A and book-signing at the Barnes & Noble in Fairfax, Va.: “Meet James R. Clapper & Trey Brown.” (You know when they’ll appear together again, don’t you? At the 2018 PSA World Conferencein October, where they’ll reveal the ins and outs of writing Facts & Fears.)

Speechwriter made good, Part Two: GeekWire has an interview with Chris Capossela, who parlayed a couple years as Bill Gates’ speechwriter in the late 1990s into his current role, as Microsoft’s chief marketing officer. Capossela says the speechwriting job helped himget a big-picture understanding of the company and the industry because Gates “was very good at teaching me. He took the time to explain why we did something. I felt like I could ask any question and he would take the time to answer it.”

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