Speechwriting’s tough all over

Thilivhali Ratshitanga is the deputy director of media research, analysis and speechwriting for the South African government’s Department of International Relations and Cooperation. In a Dec. 7 article on the Sowetan Live website, Ratshitanga talks about his work in plain terms. Here are a couple of the quotes:

“Good speechwriters are people who enjoy reading and accumulating knowledge, not only for their own interest, but also for the purposes of knowledge capturing, management and dissemination in order to effectively implement foreign policy objectives.

“Interest in current affairs and, more specifically, politics, is essential, as one’s work needs to be in sync with the country’s political dynamics, as well as the ruling party’s mandate. …

“I derive a great deal of job satisfaction from knowing that I’m contributing to the betterment of my country. Speechwriters constantly have to remind themselves not to tire or quit, as their daily tasks often go unrecognised. But remember the bigger picture and reward of contributing positively to the improvement of South Africa.”

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