Speechwriters urge colleagues to read “10 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech”

The reviews of Fletcher Dean’s new book, 10 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech, are in.

It’s “a must read for both new and experienced speechwriters,” writes AARP leadership communication chief Boe Workman. “It translates the complex and sometimes confusing process of speechwriting into clearly defined steps that all speechwriters can follow.”

New York Speechwriters Roundtable chief Dana Rubin praises the book’s “straight talk,” and veteran speechwriter Cindy Starks says, “I believe Dean wrote it out of love—love for the art and craft of speechwriting. But also love for us—fellow speechwriters who toil in obscurity and also love what we do.”

And UPS speechwriter William Smith concludes, “A vital speech requires getting across a big idea and leaving your audience moved to act. Speakers who want to stand apart from the crowd and demonstrate leadership will benefit from 10 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech.”

When a reviewer calls a book a “must-read,” it’s a cliché; coming from your colleagues, it’s a command. Order your copy of 10 Steps today—in print, or on Kindle.

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