Speechwriters launch “Bipodisan” podcast

Former Republican and Democratic White House scribes host a weekly conversation "That's Red and Blue Without the Black and Blue."

Two speechwriters attempt to bind up a nation’s wounds. Former White House speechwriters Mary Kate Cary (George H.W. Bush) and Paul Orzulak (Bill Clinton) have launched Bipodisan, a weekly podcast that “That’s Red and Blue Without the Black and Blue.”

“So far our guest list has been heavy on fellow speechwriters, because we find them to be the most witty, smart and engaging people around!” Cary tells ECR. After early episodes covering immigration, the Rob Porter/domestic violence scandal, and gun rights, the next episode will be an Oscars preview, focusing on “what makes an Oscar acceptance speech great—or a total clunker.”

Episodes can be found at the podcast’s website, and also on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play. And, the irrepressible Cary adds, “we would some love great reviews and five-star ratings from people other than our immediate family members.”

Let’s help a couple of patriotic speechwriters out. —DM

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