Speechwriters go from noble to blah, blah, blah

The speechwriting-salient point from an article in the Guardian, about the new documentary, By the People, about the Obama presidential campaign:

One confessional in particular stands out for its comedy and its tragedy. The film’s first interview with Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau seats him, theatrically, near a photo of Ted Sorensen, John Kennedy’s wordsmith, as he waxes on about how speeches should aim to echo Camelot. But as the campaign wears on, the romance wears thin. By June – after the Iowa caucuses, Super Tuesday, superdelegates and the 3am phone call ad – Favreau summarises what is now just one of many election-night speeches he’s written for the candidate: “We won, thank you other candidates, Hillary you’re great, McCain, blah blah blah. Hope, change. You know.”

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