President rambles, speechwriters blamed

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte won't stick to the prepared text; his spokesman promises to hire better speechwriters.

For presidential speechwriters, things are tough all over. To the consternation of his communication handlers, the president often departs from his prepared remarks. President Rodrigo Duterte, that is, of the Philippines. According to thePhilippines Star:

Duterte usually discards his prepared speeches during public engagements, saying they do not reflect his sentiments and his concerns. He only reads speeches during formal occasions like the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit and meetings with fellow heads of state. He also sticks to his script when he is running late for a night flight.

Most of the time, his lengthy, extemporaneous remarks are not related to the event he was invited to and often focus on illegal drugs, terrorism, corruption and his 2016 electoral victory.

Duterte’s spokesman, Harry Roque, told the Starthat he has advised Duterte to stick with the script, and also: “I have promised him that I will help look for better speechwriters who will actually write speeches that he will actually read.” —DM

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