Inside, Cicero is smiling

Winners of the 2014 Cicero Speechwriting Awards survived the most competitive program ever, and showed off the dazzling versatility of our craft.

In its seventh year, the Cicero Speechwriting Awards received more entries than ever before. But more importantly, it received more kinds of top-quality speeches, showing off the dizzying—and apparently growing—array of achievements possible through oral rhetoric.

Never before have I received so many heartfelt complaints by our judges about how difficult the decision-making was. And never before have we presented such a uniformly strong set of Cicero winners.

Peruse the winning speeches in our commemorative ebook, These Vital Speeches, and learn what quality rhetoric sounds like.

Then start collecting the best speechs you're writing this year, to enter into next year's program. The judges, with their short memories, are already looking forward to seeing them. —DM

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