In leadership-forum planning, an august August

A quiet month for holding conferences, but a busy month for planning them.

By Terry Catchpole, Executive Chairman of the Catchpole Corporation executive visibility strategy consultancy. Visit

These may be “the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer,” to quote the great philosopher Engelbert Humperdinck, but the fine folks at these conferences are busily at work preparing terrific programs for their lucky attendees.

Foremost forums upcoming

Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility (September 2 – 3; Makati City, Philippines). Event focuses on "CSR challenges and opportunities for business, government and civil society" in the Asia Pacific region. Representative topics include: Strategic business competitiveness; personal skills for CSR managers; and social benefits of CSR. The 2014 theme is "Building Resilient Communities: How Business, Government and Social Enterprises Can Work Together."

Noteworthy conferences beginning agenda planning this month

Harvard Business School (HBS) will begin developing the agenda for its Entertainment and Media Conference taking place January 30, 2015 in Boston. Conference focuses on current media issues and provides networking opportunities for global media executives from the entertainment and media industry, representing creative production and business. Program addresses topics related to the evolution of traditional media in a mobile and digital age.

US News & World Report will begin solidifying the agenda for its US News STEM Solutions Conference being held June 29 – July 1, 2015 in San Diego. Event brings together "leaders and visionaries from business, education, and government to advance the agenda for national change in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education, policy and workforce development." Program focuses on "the shortage of STEM-related skills in the American workforce." Representative topics include: Setting a new standard in science; transforming career and technical education for the global economy; developing holistic support systems for minority students; and making the right technology investments for a school or district.

Wall Street Journal (WSJ) will begin agenda development for its ECO:nomics Conference scheduled for March 25 – 27, 2015 in Santa Barbara. Conference positions itself "at the intersection of business and the environment." Event aspires "to address the most urgent issues in energy, clean tech, public policy, and corporate initiatives." Representative topics include: Extreme innovations; the natural gas bonanza; solving environmental threats; and the connection between sustainability and private equity.

World Affairs Councils of America will begin developing the agenda for its National Conference being held November 5 – 7, 2014 in Washington, DC. Event is self-described as bringing together "regional leaders and members drawn from the business, civic, and education communities with leading policy-makers and experts." Program focuses on top issues for the following year, which for the 2014 event are: China, the US, and Asia; Russia / Eurasia; Cybersecurity; Future of Education; Youth, Jobs, and Social Unrest; Food and Water; Global Economic Realignment; Future of Energy; Africa; and Climate Change. 2014 theme: "America and the World 2015."

World Economic Forum will begin agenda development for its Annual Meeting taking place January 21 – 24, 2015 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. Meeting has increasingly come to focus on ecological, cultural, and socio-political issues, as well as its traditional concerns of economics, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility issues. Event is self-described as "the foremost creative force for engaging the world’s top leaders in collaborative activities focused on shaping the global, regional and industry agendas," and has a mission of "improving the state of the world."

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