Five speechwriting slots

New York governor, National Association of Manufacturers, Duke Energy, Credit Union National and Oceana all hiring scribes.

The State of New York seeks a director of speechwriting to “prepare remarks and presentations for the Governor. This person should be a seasoned editor and writer, who can absorb detailed government policy and inject it with prose and emotion needed to capture an audience’s attention and propel statewide policies forward.” Send résumé and cover letter to: [email protected]

The D.C.-based National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is seeking a speechwriter/strategic messaging manager“The speechwriter clearly expresses the NAM’s goals and messaging, in writing, for NAM members, policymakers, media and the public.”

D.C.-based Credit Union National is looking for a senior manager of executive communications to work for its president and CEO, board members and other execs.

Charlotte, N.C.-based Duke Energy seeks a lead communications consultant for executive support to handle “writing speeches and developing associated briefing materials; writing employee and business communications; planning and preparing for external and internal speaking engagements; planning and supporting internal leadership meetings and conferences.”

D.C.-based Oceana needs a manager of international communications and speechwriting to do press releases, op-eds, letters to the editor, CEO notes, tweets, emails, media relations and the annual report.

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