If I’ve told you a thousand times, I’ve told you once

A communicator's memo to leaders reluctant to say a thing this month because they said the thing last month.

To the leader who objects to communicating a thing on the grounds that, "I said that last month."

When you remember the lessons your parents taught you, you say, "My mother always said. My father always said."


Not once.

Not twice.

Not often.

Always said.

It's not just what you say. It's what you always say. (And also what you never say, but that's another story.)

Lean on your communication staff to help you find new ways to say it and new illustrations of its truth.

But don't tell them you don't want to say it because you've already said it.

Because if it is important, you must always say it.

As you always tell your kids. —DM

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