HuffPo: executive exposure, in both senses of the word

Disney CEO Bob Iger had a piece on the Huffington Post yesterday that demonstrates the promise and the threat of that platform for executive communication.

The promise: Iger got as many words as he wanted to propose to an elite, educated audience his two-part proposal to create jobs: push the U.S. as a tourist destination and pass measures to protect intellectual property.

The threat: Commenters got as many words as they wanted to respond to Iger’s somewhat strained argument. (We’d have advised him to unhook the two ill-fitting concepts, and tackle one or the other convincingly.)

Some HuffPo readers supported his piece, but others did not:

“You want to help the economy? Lower prices on those crappy theme parks of yours, it’s robbery every time parents take their kids there.”

“Do you think this entry is just a little full of special interest? Come on, Huff Post, at least have someone other than special interest groups make your arguments.”

“You know, sometimes an industry making a baldly self-interested pitch has logic on its side. This isn’t one of those times.”

You get the idea. HuffPo readers have lots of skepticism toward big business and sharp tongues.

Proceed with caution.

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