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A webinar on helping leaders communicate through video, a daily coronavirus report for exec comms pros, and a "Hard Times Happy Hour" for freelance speechwriters.

Resources for you, from the Professional Speechwriters Association:

• The Video CEO: Make the Boss Comfortable, Compelling and Compassionate on Screen takes place Friday, at 1:00 Eastern. Register right now to join Fred Garcia and me for a train-the-trainer session that will help you help your leader learn to use video, and use it well.

• Executive Communication Report: Coronavirus is a vital daily resource for exec comms pros who need to know what leaders are saying and how they’re sounding—and how their exec comms colleagues are helping. The e-newsletter costs $95/month (only $71 for PSA members). Subscribe now. (And if you or your organization absolutely can’t afford to subsidize the newsletter but need it nonetheless—write to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to work with you.)

• And all freelance speechwriters are invited the webinar, “Hard Times Happy Hour: Independent Speechwriters Gather Online.” Free for all PSA members, the session will be led by Gotham Ghostwriters founder Dan Gerstein, and a panel of star independent scribes Rosemary King, Teresa Zumwald and Cheril Clarke. Over a cocktail, we’ll commiserate, compare notes and share ideas for how speechwriters can make themselves useful to clients during this crisis. 6:00 p.m. Eastern, Wednesday. Register now.

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