Four jobs in the shape of speechwriters

Target, LPL Financial, Kodak and Beloit College all hiring.

Target is hiring a speechwriter and executive communications senior associate to write speeches, build message platforms and handle other executive messaging. Contact hiring manager Sean Madigan: [email protected].

LPL Financial wants to add a speechwriter to their team in the Charlotte area. We understand that this job won’t be on the broader job boards for a while because they want a speechwriter, not just a general communications type. Drop a line to Heather Carter: [email protected].

Beloit College, in Beloit, Wis., is seeking a chief communications and integrated marketing officer to be the main speechwriter for the president of the university as well as provide strategic counsel to the President and other administrators.

Kodak, in Rochester, N.Y., wants to hire a writer/editor of CMO communications to produce speeches, press releases, presentations, and social media messaging in collaboration with their CMO team.

Hat tip to Dana Rubin of the New York Speechwriters Roundtable.

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