World Conference, now!

If you can't be at the first World Conference of the Professional Speechwriters Association, here's how to participate remotely.

ECR shares space and personnel—at this moment, all space and all personnel—with the Professional Speechwriters Association. With the PSA’s World Conference coming up next week, our offices and our minds are buzzing like an Indiana fireworks factory in June.

Programs and nametags and signage—did you check to make sure we’ll have easels?— badges and buttons and totes.

The term “heavy hors d’oeuvre” is said frequently, and with straight faces.

And because we’re a speechwriting organization, we don’t “wing” our remarks; we rehearse them, for our spouses, our children, and our sleeping dogs.

Most urgently, we’re compiling the final-final registration list, to send over to our partners at NYU first thing Monday morning, so they can pass the names on to their security people.

So if you see a last-minute chance to join more than 50 of your best and brightest colleagues at the one and only first-ever World Conference of the Professional Speechwriters Association—take that chance today, rather than next week, when it will complicate things yet further.

And if you can’t be with us in person, look for us on Twitter, where we’ll not only be narrating the proceedings, but soliciting your questions and comments and suggestions for our speakers and panel discussions, on the state and the future of the speechwriting industry.

No ECR next week, but we’ll be back at you on Friday, May 30. Until then—

Hey hold on a minute, are you moving the lectern, or the whole damn podium? …

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