When the Washington Capitals win, speechwriters celebrate

Former White House speechwriter Stephen Krupin wrote a speculative congratulatory speech for a provisional president to deliver ...

Speechwriter Stephen Krupin’s beloved Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup for the first time in their history, and he celebrated by writing a speech. Krupin, who as a speechwriter to President Obama was once forced to write congratulatory remarks for the Caps’ arch rival Pittsburgh Penguins, published in Sports Illustrated a provisional speech to be delivered by a hypothetical president, at speculative White House visit. “Anyone who has sat in the stands or tuned in on TV has heard the chant,” speech-wrote Krupin (who is now managing director of the exec comms practice at SKD Knickerbocker).

“Let’s! Go! Caps!”

It starts behind the east net, deep in the bellowing lungs of William Stilwell, who is better known as Goat and was born the same year as the team. Or with the three notes that ring forth from Sam Wolk’s hand-painted horn, high in the 400 level.

It’s a chant echoed by 90-year-old Grace Cohen, a season-ticket holder since game one. And by 10-year-old Addy Flint, who forged a friendship with Oshie while being treated for kidney cancer …

That’s the old rhetorical razzle dazzle! Congrats to the many Caps fans in our D.C.-disproportionate readership. —DM

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