Vital Speeches: What has it done for you lately?

So yesterday I got an e-mail from a guy I know who’s writing a book on CEO communication.

“One of the things I’d like to include is how a reprint of a CEO’s speech in Vital Speeches of the Day can be beneficial to a company. I can’t find any mention of this on your website or elsewhere. I’m looking for something like influence in Washington, prestige in the business community, etc., preferably with examples. Can you help?”

I could not, I had to confess:

I really don’t have examples on what a Vital Speeches speech has gotten CEOs or their companies. The main thing is, it gets them whatever they make out of it to a large extent. The more broadly the company distributes the reprint—especially if it’s a true humdinger of a speech—the more the impact of the thing. Getting published in Vital Speeches, your name appears next to the rest of the people (from the President on down) who are driving the national and global conversation. So it automatically takes your CEO out of the ghetto of the industry and of business, and puts him or her in a broad thought leadership context. In short, it takes you from CNBC to CNN.

I suppose don’t collect anecdotes because I ain’t trying to sell the value of placing speeches in my publication. But if you run across a story about a Vital Speeches placement transforming an executive’s career, yeah: I’d be all ears. And I’ll tell you this: Why don’t I do a little blog post this week mentioning your project and soliciting testimonials on this? I’ll send you any responses I get.

And so I’m asking: What’s the most dramatic benefit you or your CEO or your organization ever received from getting a speech printed in Vital Speeches? I figure it’d be good—for all of us—to know.

Talk to me—here, or privately, at [email protected]. —DM

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