Vital Speeches publishes guide to writing “vital speeches”

Pretty big news here at Vital Speeches: Today we introduce a speechwriting book.

10 Steps to Writing a Vital Speech takes you briskly through the skills that separate the communicator who writes speeches and the speechwriter:

How to analyze audiences, target them with a message, interview the speaker and research the speech, form the material into a compelling story, give it structure, write it with style, create visual aids and coach the speaker through the delivery process.

Not just an education for new speechwriters, we see 10 Steps as a guide for veteran scribes who want to sharpen their pencils and a song sheet for executive communication managers to distribute to new hires and freelance help.

And the best thing about it is its author—the speechwriter’s speechwriter, Fletcher Dean. If there’s a more savvy, straight-talking, level-headed, no-nonense speechwriting pro on the planet, Fletch will do until she gets here.

You can get a copy here, and if you want to order more, write to Jennifer Tanabe to discuss a bulk rate: [email protected].

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