Three seek scribes

Nokia, UCLA and the National Science Foundation all need leadership communication help.

• Nokia seeks a CEO speechwriter to work at its Irving, U.S. location and “support CEO communications in external and internal speaking opportunities.”

• UCLA is hiring a director of executive and brand communications for the Anderson School of Management. “This individual will advance Anderson’s brand reputation and help position the Dean and Senior Associate Deans as thought leaders in academia. The Director will help develop annual multi-channel communications plans that establish strategic priorities, message platforms, and content calendars. They will serve as lead speechwriter on a variety of communications content, including keynote addresses, background briefings, panel remarks, talking points, guest introductions, interview questions, video scripts, letters, tweets, blogs, bylines, op-eds, and more. The Director will routinely monitor and analyze media and social content about Anderson and other leading business schools in order to adjust strategy and messaging to best serve the school. Qualified candidates will have extensive executive communications experience within a major news or political organization, corporation, professional public relations firm, and/or a professional school educational environment.”

• The National Science Foundation seeks a “strong writer to serve as the speechwriter for the NSF director.” URGENT: Post closes May 30.

Jobs courtesy of Dana Rubin of the New York Speechwriters Roundtable.

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