Stylin’ scribes

By David Murray, Editor, Vital Speeches of the Day

Have you heard of the “Downing Street Bard”?

It’s none other than the comely young David Cameron speechwriter Clare Foges, who is profiled—and thoroughly photographically treated—by a fawning Daily Mail article. In the piece, “the raven-haired poet” is given ample space to hold forth on her violent disregard for antiseptic public language.

Meanwhile, she’s lauded for her work on a recent Cameron speech. In her fight against dull rhetoric, she employed “stirring” new language, such as having Cameron promise to fight “heart and soul” for an “in-out referendum” on the EU. 

The Daily Mail is the second most-visited news site in the world. “Obviously,” pointed out Shell International speechwriter Brian Akre—one of several correspondents who tipped us on this piece—“due to their appreciation of fine writing!”

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