Speechwriters told us what they need during the coronavirus crisis

Here's what we're going to do about it.

How are you?

We asked speechwriters and executive communication professionals, and they told us—clearly and in some cases colorfully.

You should download and read the whole report, but here’s the gist: In-house speechwriters and exec comms folks are working harder than ever; independent speechwriters are hard hit, and more worried about their livelihood. Also: Though many budgets are diminished or frozen, speechwriters urgently need training in various exec comms skills—helping leaders get better on video most urgent among them. And speechwriters want to be in touch with one another.

So here’s what we’re going to do, beyond what we’ve been doing:

1. We’re making the daily Executive Communication Report: Coronavirus newsletter available gratis to anyone who wants it. It’s proving hugely useful, even to many folks who can’t afford a $95/mo. subscription, and we have no intention of cutting people off.

2. We’re offering a six-month extension to any Professional Speechwriters Association member who requests it. Though memberships are an important part of our revenue stream, we cannot and will not cut people out of their professional community during this crisis.

3. We will begin hosting free monthly Zoom-style Happy Hour sessions to help PSA members connect with one another. The first Thursday of every month, starting in June; details to come.

4. And we’re convening a series of hyper-relevant virtual professional development events. These live webinars, on-demand courses and virtual conferences will culminate in a virtual 2020 World Conference of the Professional Speechwriters Association, the week of October 20.

In return, we asked PSA members to take advantage of their standard 25% discount to register for as many of these events as their budget can afford, thus not only benefitting themselves, but also supporting their professional association. “Ask not what the PSA can do for you,” PSA executive director David Murray paraphrased a famous speechwriter, “but what you can do for the PSA.”

I know we’re all doing all we can, for one another.

As we will continue to do, for the duration.

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