Serious times, serious conference

Art of the Deal author Tony Schwartz, Michelle Obama speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz headline an extraordinary conference.

Oratorical conventions, communication ethics and rhetorical rules are being challenged. And an entire profession has been disoriented.

There has never been a moment like this. And there has never been a speechwriting conference like this.

The 2017 World Conference of the Professional Speechwriters Association opens with a searching keynote speech by Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of the book that made President Trump plausible, Art of the Deal.

The conference includes White House speechwriters to every president from Obama back through Nixon.

It ends with a capnote conversation with First Lady Michelle Obama’s speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz.

And it winds through three thrilling days of professional and personal exchanges with some of the most illustrious, industrious and inventive corporate, nonprofit, university and independent speechwriters in our business.

Hosted by the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, sponsored by Gotham Ghostwriters and SKDKnickerbocker, convened by the PSA and emceed by Vital Speeches of the Day editor & publisher David Murray, the annual World Conference is the place where speechwriters and executive communication professionals gather annually to exchange ideas, solve problems and build relationships.

This year, those conversations among speechwriters from around the United States, North America and the world will buzz with the urgency of people whose livelihoods hang in the balance.

Serious speechwriter, we will see you there.

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