People WANT to be convinced by their leader’s rhetoric

Ghana citizen criticizes Ghana president's speechwriters for being unable to "calibrate" speeches to audience

For Ghana government speechwriters, at least one dissatisfied customer.

In the wake of a New Year message from President John Dramani Mahama, a citizen wrote on that Mahama

is speaking to the people who a year ago endorsed his government at the polls, the same people who bear the brunt of the friction emanating from an “unlubricated” national economy … Surely, the speech could have been a refreshing New Year music to tactfully shoo us into the better days we are feverishly waiting for. The speech writer(s) has consistently failed to mirror the mood of Ghanaians in the mind and words of the President. He/she is not able to effectively calibrate the dynamic demeanor of Ghanaians or the tone and vocal rhythm of his employer (The President) and deliver accordingly a heart-piercing text …

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