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"The Numbers Behind the Words" is the first statistically valid study of salaries and freelance fees in speechwriting; gives scribes solid footing.

Next week members of the Professional Speechwriters Association will receive “The Numbers Behind the Words: A Study of Compensation & Job Satisfaction in Professional Speechwriting.”

As you’ll see from the executive summary, the survey proved what veteran speechwriters have always sensed, revealed some numbers they didn’t know and brought up some issues that they must grapple with, as individual practitioners and as a profession.

If you’re not a PSA member but would like to have the full results, you may join the PSA by close of business Monday to get full access to the survey results, and an invitation to a Nov. 16 webinar discussion with the SKDKnickerbocker researchers who authored the report, SKDK’s exec comms practice director Stephen Krupin and PSA executive director David Murray.

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