On the speaking circuit: What’s up, and what’s coming up

Think of July, and what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Beach? Sun? Long cool drink? Nah! Attending a conference, that’s what! And why not start with these gems….

Foremost forums upcoming in July

International Conference on Environmental Future (July 18 – 22; Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK). Event focuses on “the current and potential future extent and nature of interdisciplinary research and management practice across the environmental domain.” Program addresses such topics as interdisciplinary approaches for advancing the study of marine pollution; integrating land use change and habitat degradation; and restoring and safeguarding the delivery of ecosystem services. Read more.

Conference Board Corporate Community Involvement Conference (July 28 – 29; San Francisco). Event aims to provide “best practices in corporate community involvement” and networking opportunities with the country’s top corporate contributions executives and grantmakers. 2011 conference theme: “Making a Positive Impact.” Read more.

Noteworthy conferences beginning agenda planning this month

Asian Institute of Management will begin solidifying the agenda for its Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility scheduled for October 18 – 19 in Manila, Philippines. Event focuses on “CSR challenges and opportunities for business, government and civil society.” Program addresses such topics as strategic business competitiveness; personal skills for CSR managers; and social benefits. Read more.

Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship will begin agenda development for its International Corporate Citizenship Conference, being held March 25 – 27 in Phoenix. Event is described as “the place where corporate professionals, academics and corporate citizenship leaders create dynamic, streaming conversation by sharing stories about their successes and missteps.” Event examines challenges, strategies and best practices for managing corporate citizenship in companies worldwide. Read more.

Business and a Sustainable Environment Communications will begin developing the agenda this month for its BASE Conference, taking place February 21 in London. Conference aims to offer “take-home action points” for companies in “achieving busines growth and managing risk.” Program addresses such topics as the business case for sustainability; transition to a low-carbon economy; and government/business interactions. Read more.

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