Meet the pop-folk band, Speechwriters LLC

No, they don't sing about speeches, but they are erudite wiseguys, at least.

Did you know there’s a band called Speechwriters LLC? They’ve been around for 15 years, and bill themselves as “California’s Original Pop-Folk Heroes.” They don’t sing about rhetoric, but bandmates Dave Lowensohn and Misha Challam are erudite wiseguys after our own hearts, as I found out when I reached out to them in my official capacity as head of the Professional Speechwriters Association, and received in reply:

Thanks for getting in touch! The PSA’s written endorsement of Speechwriters LLC as “The REAL speechwriters” has done wonders for morale around here, and we’re excited to lead with it in our next communique …

For years we’ve been involved in a weird virtual waltz with both you & the South West London Law Centre, and applaud you making the first move. The name was inspired by our own Rostandian experiences at love, plus a desire to be memorable and show up quickly in Google … Our only complaint has ever been how hard it is to register ourselves as a business, because “Speechwriters LLC, LLC” dies from recursion …

Anyways, you’re on the guest list if we ever play in wherever it is that you are.

I think I speak for all speechwriters when I say, wherever that is, we’ll be there. —DM

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