Looking for heroic corporate speeches, new or used

I’m putting together an all-new version of my “Speechwriting Jam Session,” in order that I may continue on my glamorous world tour without hearing multilingual complaints of repetition.

This year’s theme is: “Write for Your Life: How to Transform Impossible Speechwriting Assignments Into Improbable Communication Victories.”

I can’t wait. (But you’ll have to.) I’ve got some doozies to share.

However: Most of the examples I have of miraculous speeches—or at least high degree-of-difficulty talks—are on the political side. To round out my show, I’m sincerely seeking samples of corporate speeches that successfully tackle a tough issue or communication problem.

Send me the speech—I can read a short excerpt or show one on the screen—and I’ll credit it you from here to Helsinki for giving me the steer.

Please! Help a globetrotter out. —DM

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