Leadership Communication Days: The Fifth Annual looks like the best ever

BP exec comms director John Barnes to host in Houston, Oct. 23-24.

Leadership Communication Days: The fifth annual looks like the best ever. BP executive communication director John Barnes will host in Houston, Oct. 23-24.

Aside from a strategy brief by Barnes and a new Speechwriting Jam Session by yours truly, guest conversationalists include Patti Sanchez, from the white-hot leadership communication consultancy Duarte … Texas speechwriting star Charlene “Charlie” Fern … and Dean Foust, who will update us on his ambitious exec comms strategy at UPS.

But as always, the meeting will be dominated by participants, sharing their best practices and getting help with their biggest problems from the only people in the world who could possibly understand.

Also as always, seats are limited to 20. Reserve yours now.

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