Jon Favreau is hot!

He's lauded by the Financial Times and delivering the commencement address at his alma mater. (What did you think we meant?)

Former President Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau appears to be on a roll.

First, he recently keynoted the Ragan Speechwriters and Executive Communicators conference.

That session was written up this week in the Financial Times, by columnist Sam Leith, who was impressed by Favreau's relationship with the president. "Not all communicators will have that sort of close, long-term relationship with the person they are writing for," Leith wrote. "But a relationship there must be. If all you are doing is bashing out some waffly boilerplate in the PR department and emailing it to the chief executive … you are seriously missing a trick. You won’t sound authentic, and you won’t persuade. A speech writer, in other words, works with the principal, not for them. Mr Favreau advised his audience that if their bosses ever claimed to be too busy to meet to discuss a speech, they should point out that the leader of the free world always found time."

And now we learnt that Favreau will give this year’s commencement address at his alma mater, Holy Cross.

We'll look forward to that.

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