It Comes Down to He Should Say, She Should Say

Former Al Gore speechwriter writes unifying victory speech Hillary Clinton should give, and former Reagan scribe writes one for Trump.

I don't normally enjoy "the speech they ought to give" exercises, as the speech they do give is often dull enough.

But this election night is special, and it's worth perusing former Al Gore speechwriter Bob Lehrman's hypothetical victory speech for Hillary Clinton, in which he has her thanking every voter: "those who stood for me, and those who can't stand me."

And also former Reagan scribe Aram Bakshian, Jr.'s speech for Donald Trump, in which he has Trump promising to preemptively pardon Clinton for any crimes she has committed, promising "no more witch hunts and distractions" during his presidency.

Good for the Observer for assigning these speeches—in time to inspire the real speechwriters, we hope. —DM

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