“I promised You that we would win. We did”

Translated victory speech by VLADIMIR PUTIN, President-Elect, Russia; delivered at Manezhnaya Square, Moscow, Mar. 4, 2012

Dear friends!

I particularly want to thank all the citizens of Russia who took part today in the election for President of the Russian Federation.

Special thanks, of course, to those who have gathered here today in Moscow, to all those who supported us in every corner of our vast and boundless country.

Thanks to everyone who said “yes” for a Great Russia.

I once asked you: “Will we win?”

We did win!

We won in an open and fair contest!

Thank you friends, thank you!

We won in an open and fair contest.

But it was not only the election for President of Russia.

It was a very important test for us all, for all our people, it was a test of political maturity, of independence, and of self confidence. 

We have shown indeed, that no one can enslave us.

No one and nothing can enslave us.

We have shown that our people are truly able to easily distinguish between the desire for progress and renewed political provocation that has only one objective – to destroy Russian sovereignty and usurp power

The Russian people have now shown that in our country such choices and scenarios will not pass.


We won today, thanks to the overwhelming support of the overwhelming majority of our voters, we won a clear victory.

We will work honestly and hard.

We will achieve success.

And we call on all to unite around the interests of our people and our homeland.

I promised you that we would win.

We did. We won. Glory to Russia.

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