How to submit a speech to Vital Speeches (Part Two)

As every politician says immediately before saying something annoying … let me be clear:

At Vital Speeches, we will accept submissions pasted into online, offline, by snail mail or sail mail, on tree bark, in an urban park, in a car, in a bar, with green eggs and ham, and without.

That said, here’s how we like our speeches best: We like them sooner rather than later. Our lead time is a month, so if you’re sending me a speech in January that took place in October, it’s going to be almost half a year old by the time it finally hits print. We have printed speeches that far back, but as I tell contributors: The longer ago it was given, the better it has to be to overcome our dust aversion.

Ideally, the speech should come as a Word attachment, single-spaced, no returns between paragraphs. Dashes should be of the—ahem—em variety, with no spaces on either side. Periods should have only one space after them.

As I said in the last post, we need the speaker and his or her title, the event, the venue, the city and state or country, and the date.

The only other ingredient I can think of, is a fantastic speech.

Before I hammer these blog posts into a (however submissive) submission policy to last the next 76 years, tell me:

What am I forgetting?

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