How to become a thought leader (or a world-class jackass)

On the Business Insider, a Lewis Howes adds to the celestial body of highly useful advice on thought leadership. Among his “seven steps that can allow anyone to develop a reputation as an industry leader”:

Respect your time. Being an authority doesn’t mean you must solve everyone’s problems. Your main responsibility is to continue growing, innovating and sharing your knowledge. Don’t allow people to suck up all your time with their questions or problems. Learn to say ‘no’ more often. Yes, you want to assist people, but not the expense of losing your edge or slowing down your innovation.”

This is good advice. Next time a Vital Speeches subscriber emails me to ask a question—say, about the average salary of a speechwriter, or the proper length of a speech, or whether Franklin Roosevelt ever addressed the National Association of Manufacturers, I’m going to politely decline on account of, “You’re slowing down my innovation.” —DM

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