Four speechwriters sought

Carnegie Mellon, Google and the International Monetary fund among those seeking speechwriters.

Carnegie Mellon seeks an executive communications manager for the president. “In this new role, you will bring together the vision and the guiding principles of leadership for a variety of audiences.”

Google seeks a communications manager for speechwriting in the Bay Area and Washington, D.C. to “work closely with Google executives to prepare speeches, op-eds, and blog posts around complex issues that the company faces. You will also have the opportunity to pitch in as an editor and writer for Google’s blog, draft social media copy, and take on all kinds of fun writing and editing projects.”

The International Monetary Fund seeks a senior communications officer and speechwriter in Washington, D.C. Responsibilities include: “preparation of drafts of speeches, speaking notes, op-eds, and other material for the Managing Director, as well as for other members of the Management team as needed.”

The military-consulting firm BRTRC Federal Solutions seeks a strategic communications specialist and speechwriter in Huntsville, Ala. to “draft speeches and talking points for senior leaders; draft associated PowerPoint slides.”

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