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January events, deadlines and agenda planning items for proactive exec comms pros.

Catchpole is happy to welcome you to the year 2015, just as we are certain that the hosts of these excellent upcoming forums would be happy to welcome you as well. Have a great year!

Foremost forums upcoming

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (January 21 – 24; Davos-Klosters, Switzerland). Meeting has increasingly come to focus on ecological, cultural, and socio-political issues, as well as its traditional concerns of economics, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility issues. Event is self-described as "the foremost creative force for engaging the world’s top leaders in collaborative activities focused on shaping the global, regional and industry agendas," and has a mission of "improving the state of the world." 2015 theme: "The New Global Context."

Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) (January 25 – 27; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). Forum is self-described as "an annual meeting of global business leaders, international political leaders, and selected intellectuals and journalists brought together to create a dialogue with respect to the positive impact organizational and national competitiveness can have on local, regional and global economic and social development."

Harvard Business School (HBS) Entertainment and Media Conference (January 30; Boston). Conference focuses on current media issues and provides networking opportunities for global media executives from the entertainment and media industry, representing creative production and business. Program addresses topics related to the evolution of traditional media in a mobile and digital age. The 2015 theme is "Business and creativity."

Noteworthy conferences beginning agenda planning this month

Knowledge Globalization Institute (KGlobal) has issued a call for speakers for its Knowledge Globalization Conference being held April 17 – 19, 2015 in Framingham, MA, with a proposal submission deadline of January 30, 2015. Conference has a self-described aim "to share knowledge among developed and developing countries and discuss the challenges and opportunities of knowledge globalization. Knowledge globalization encourages initiatives that provide, promote and participate in the process of knowledge sharing to benefit global economies." Representative topics include: Development; innovations in science and technology; and economic and financial applications.

Zinnov will begin agenda development for its Confluence event scheduled for March 5, 2015 in Santa Clara. Event aims to "help companies pave their path ahead by providing insights on the convergence of various pillars of globalization: talent, tools and technology, and ecosystem." Representative topics include: Leveraging an ecosystem of partners, startups and academia; working with global counterparts across the organization; managing new and evolving roles; and adopting latest technologies and methodologies in product development cycle.

Stanford Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society (ASES) will begin solidifying the agenda for its Stanford Summit taking place April 5 – 10, 2015 in Palo Alto. Summit aims to "promote entrepreneurship and business innovation amongst top college students" and has a mission to "develop the next generation of entrepreneurs." Focus is on different perspectives from various industries in regards to the personal and professional qualities needed for business success.

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