Exec comms pros sought at UPS, Pew and SEIU

UPS is replacing a retiring speechwriter in an innovative exec comms shop; Pew needs help for a CEO who is "lovely to work for."

UPS is looking to replace super-scribe Bill Bryant, who is retiring. “Bill will contribute as a freelancer, but we’re in the market for a fulltime successor,” says Dean Foust, who directs one of the more innovative exec comms shops in the nation.

The Pew Charitable Trusts needs an executive writer. “This job is a bit tough to classify, as it’s not a speechwriting role—it focuses exclusively on the CEO’s other communications (correspondence, messages, board materials),” according to senior writing manager Skyla Freeman. “Our executive is lovely to work for, and it’s a marvelous opportunity—this is strictly a writing job, so for those who love the written word (and want to be in an environment where it’s appreciated), it’s a great fit.”

And the SEIU seeks an executive communication coordinator and speechwriter to be responsible for “writing major addresses, brief remarks, talking points and internal communications for the International President and International Secretary-Treasurer.”

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