Commencing it real

David Petraeus headlines the first World Conference of the Professional Speechwriters Association. He and the other speakers will get this community off to a candid start.

David Petraeus will use his experience as a leader—and draw on his experience as a speechwriter—to tell speechwriters how they can do a better job of helping their clients. PR legend Fraser Seitel will show how the best leaders make the dumbest communication mistakes. European speechwriting guru Edmée Tuyl will tell you how to put your whole self into your work—and give your clients what they deserve.

Other speechwriters will speak truth to their peers, in sessions and in conversations—about the craft, the business and the larger purpose of speechwriting—at the first World Conference of the Professional Speechwriters Association at New York University, May 22-23.

Hosted by the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYU-SCPS) Department of Strategic Communication, Media, and Management, sponsored by the Gotham Ghostwriters, convened by the Professional Speechwriters Association, and facilitated by yours truly, the World Conference be the first truly professional gathering for people who do leadership communication for a living.

Be there at the beginning. Be in New York in May.

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