A year of work at UPS culminates in a thought leadership blog designed to sell only "our ideas for creating a better world."

If anyone is doing anything more interesting in executive communications these days than UPS’s Dean Foust, I want to know about it. After a year hard at it, the exec comms director just launched Longitudes, self-described as “a blog discussing the macro forces shaping the global economy today and over the horizon.” Regular bloggers include not only the best and brightest at UPS, but many outside thinkers on economics and global logistics, from academia and elsewhere.

“We didn’t create Longitudes to be a sales or marketing site for UPS—the only thing we’ll ‘sell’ are our ideas for creating a better world,” Foust says.

Check it out, eat your heart out, and then come out to Leadership Communication Days in Houston Oct. 23-24, where Foust will share the secrets of building such a thought-leadership medium.

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