An Eloquent Farewell

At the state funeral of President George H.W. Bush, a senator, a statesman, a biographer, a pastor and a son remember a loving man, lovingly.

"When the Really Tough Choices Come," Former Senator Alan Simpson remembers President Bush saying (in an otherwise humor-filled remembrance), "it's the country, not me. It's not about Democrats or Republicans, it's for our country that I fought for."

"Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited." Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney remembers his fellow statesman and friend as "truly happy and truly at peace."

"America's Last Great Soldier Statesman." Bush biographer Jon Meacham called the president, "a 20th century founding father. He governed with virtues that most closely resembled those of Washington and of Adams, of TR and of FDR, of Truman and of Eisenhower. Of men who believed in causes larger than themselves."

"We're Going to Miss You," said George W. Bush to his late father. "Your decency, sincerity, and kind soul will stay with us forever. So, through our tears, let us see the blessings of knowing and loving you—a great and noble man, and the best father a son or daughter could have."

"It Was a Beautiful End. It Was a Beautiful Beginning." In his homily, Dr. Russell Levenson Jr., rector of St. Martin’s Epcopal Church in Houston, told the story of President Bush’s best friend Jim Baker, at his bedside. “Toward the end, Jim Baker rubbed and stroked the president’s feet for perhaps a half hour. … What came to mind was Jesus."

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