Writer of Reagan’s Brandenburg Gate Speech Praises Trump’s Oratory

What's that you say, Peter Robinson?

The writer of President Reagan’s famous “tear down this wall” speech at the Brandenburg Gate praised President Trump’s formal speeches in an interview with Foreign Policy

Robinson said Trump’s Riyad speech last month “follows roughly the same pattern you saw at Brandenburg Gate” with its message, “We intend to remain active in the world; however, we also call upon world leaders to play your part.”

Robinson went on to advise Trump to stop tweeting, and to assemble a speechwriting team so that he can stop delivering the sort of “crude,” “scattershot,” “undisciplined” talks that “[dilute] the moral authority of the presidency”—and instead, more “actual speeches.”

(Robinson will be interviewed on C-SPAN at 2:35 EDT this Sunday, June 25, looking back on the 30th anniversary of Reagan’s Berlin speech.—DM

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