Worst speech ever? We’ll be the judge of that

Politico says Rep. Donna Edwards' attempt at humor last night amounted to "most painful speech ever"

"I survived the Donna Edwards #wpcfdinner speech of 2014," Los Angeles Times reporter Mike Memoli tweeted from the Washington Press Club last night after Rep. Donna Edwards bombed in an attempt at humor at the WPC Foundation's annual dinner. Politico Reports:

"Edwards’ speech, reportedly written by co-creator of The Daily Show, Lizz Winstead, might have sounded great on paper or in practice sessions in front of a friendly audience, but it came off as a Republican hate-fest sprinkled with the kind of sexual humor that made the buttoned-up crowd squirm – not laugh. It’s a reminder how hard it is to entertain a tough crowd, like one filled with cynical journalists."

By the end of the speech, some of the journalists in the audience had left, and others were milling around in the lobby waiting for the speech to end. “I think everyone in that room wanted to drag their fingernails across their face,” said one congressional reporter attending.

Speechwriter, have you ever been involved in a fiasco that even approached this one? Tell me the tale: [email protected]

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