WHITE HOUSE WATCH: Who is doing the writing?

The only known speechwriter in the White House is embroiled in a policy power struggle.

WHITE HOUSE WATCH: The Trump administration is putting out enough news that few Americans are fretting over the staffing of the next White House Office of Speechwriting. We few. As of this week, speechwriting offices are still empty in a West Wing where the New York Times reported that Trump’s team has struggled to literally find the light switches. The only publicly ID’d speechwriter in the White House is 31-year-old Stephen Miller, who wrote the inaugural address (and Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention), but who seems to have grander ambitions than chief speechwriter. The senior policy advisor is reportedly mixing it up with Reince Preibus for influence, according to a story in The Atlantic.

Who is doing the writing?

The only publicly known speechwriting operation in America is the White House speechwriting office. What happens there has consequences for what happens in speechwriting everywhere. So we’ll keep watching. —DM

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