What’s sprouting in April

Vital Speeches of the Day – April 2012 events, deadlines, and agenda planning cycles

By Terry Catchpole, Executive Chairman of the executive visibility strategy consultancy of the same name. Visit http://www.catchpole.com

Spring has sprung, April is here, and time to begin thinking about all the terrific conferences you can be attending this month, beginning with the stellar events listed below.

Foremost forums upcoming

Global New Energy Summit (April 9 – 11; Colorado Springs). Event aspires to attract “some of the most influential names in energy” to discuss “critical energy issues” such as innovative practices in oil, gas, nuclear, solar, wind, biofuels, and other energy sectors; smart grid deployments and transmission policies; and how large energy users can positively impact the market for new energy technologies. Read more.

Fortune Brainstorm: Green (April 16 – 18; Dana Point, CA). Event focuses on “the opportunities, risks, and impact of environmental issues on business and economy,” and addresses the overriding question of “how can business help solve the world’s big environment problems.” Program examines the movement to sustainability, addressing such topics as sustaining green business models in economic hard times; myths and realities of green buildings; and pros and cons of water privatization. Read more.

Sustainable Operations Summit (April 17 – 19; New York). Event is self-described as having been developed to bring together “key leadership from North America’s largest and most influential organizations to share best practices that benefit both the environment and the bottom line.” Program addresses such topics as green building, renewable energy, resource conservation, and other initiatives that can reduce harmful impacts on the environment, focusing on real-world stories of companies’ successes and mistakes. Bill Clinton keynotes! Read more.

Ceres Conference (April 25 – 26; Boston). Conference focuses on “the integration of sustainability into business strategy and long-term shareholder value” for an audience of executives of private and public sector organizations, as well as representatives from labor, public policy, and investment services. Representative topics include: The advantages and challenges of federal climate legislation; the environmental, social, and financial benefits of sustainability; and the economic opportunities afforded by the global corporate transition to energy efficiency and lowered carbon footprint. Read more.

MIT Sustainability Summit (April 27; Cambridge, MA). Summit is self-described as bringing together “students, engineers, business leaders, academics, environmental activists, and public servants to discuss how we can most effectively support each other as we face the opportunities and challenges of transitioning to a sustainable world.” Program examines such questions as how to move toward sustainability in a recession, how to measure the success of sustainability practices, and emerging opportunities for innovation and collaboration in sustainability. Read more.

Milken Institute Global Conference (April 29 – May 2; Los Angeles). Event examines the factors impacting the world’s economies, financial markets, and societies. Conference focuses on the major economic, financial, business, technological, and policy issues currently facing the world. Representative topics include: Combating terrorism; trends in private equity; and transforming America’s energy future. Read more.

Sustainable Economy Conference (April 30; Boston). SEC is “designed to advance the knowledge, perspective and networks of all sector leaders and others working to create a sustainable economy, improve economic recovery and growth, reduce operation costs, and expand the green economy in Massachusetts.” Representative topics include: Effective ways to motivate businesses to meet new market expectations; evolving with the changing global market and challenges; and ways to stimulate an equitable and ecologically sustainable economy. Read more.

Wall Street Journal Women in the Economy (April 30 – May 2; Palm Beach). The forum is self-described as a “Task Force meeting,” with attendees participating in “a highly interactive meeting focused on the impact of women in the economy.” Event aims to “address ways to drive change beyond the organization—focusing on leadership and innovation in sessions that identify opportunities for action in influential areas ranging from education and entrepreneurship to science/technology/math and politics.” Read more at: www.womeninecon.wsj.com

Noteworthy conferences beginning agenda planning this month

Response Global Media Limited will begin agenda development for its Environmental, Social, and Governance Europe taking place October 4, 2012 in Amsterdam. Event is self-described as bringing together “some of the world’s biggest investors, corporations, regulators, and market intermediaries to chart out where the developments on sustainable finance are heading.” Program addresses such topics as integrated financial / non-financial reporting; corporate human rights responsibilities; and investors working with governments on environmental finance. Read more.

Maeil Business Newspaper will begin solidifying the agenda for its World Knowledge Forum being held October 9 – 11, 2012 in Seoul. Forum focuses on the “search for the 21st Century wealth creation equation,” addressing such topics as the impact of fund capitalism; US policy toward North Korea; innovation as a factor in corporate growth; building global brand leadership; and creation of online distribution channels. Read more.

Fidelity One Conferences will begin developing the agenda for its Green Initiatives Conference, scheduled for September 27 – 28, 2012 in Atlanta. Event aims to address “how leading corporations and organizations are moving their environmental initiatives from beyond just being a ‘cost center’ to being a viable way to make a huge impact not just on the environment but on their financial and social bottom lines as well.” Program addresses such topics as the business of sustainability; emerging technologies for sustainable innovation; and the challenges and opportunities of sustainability and life cycle analysis. Read more.

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