What’s happening in June in speaking forums

Lots of events convening, and planning cycles commencing this month.

As months go, June is a Very Big Deal. It has the longest daylight hours of the year; it has the beginning of the meteorological summer on the 21st; it is one of only four months with thirty days; and, and, and … it is the only month in which you can attend the excellent conferences listed below.

Foremost forums upcoming

Forbes Women's Summit (June 9 – 10; New York). Summit is designed to bring together seasoned professionals and Millennials to "help solve society's most critical issues and redefine the notion of power through innovation and disruption." The format of the event is unique in that everyone in the room will be an active participant. 2015 theme: "Transforming the Rules of Engagement."

Conference Board Women's Leadership Conference (June 10 – 11; New York). Conference focuses on the role of decision makers in promoting opportunities for the advancement of women in the workplace, and how the implementation of successful programs can enhance employee motivation and result in better business performance. Program addresses topics such as strategies for retaining women holding senior positions; the impact of mentoring programs on women's advancement within organizations; and the barriers facing women in the IT industry.

Cleantech Conference (June 14 – 17; National Harbor, MD). Event, held as part of TechConnect World, is self-described as "a multi-disciplinary and multi-sector conference addressing advancements in traditional technologies, emerging technologies and clean business practices applied towards a more sustainable future," with a mission to "bring together the entire Clean Technology ecosystem with the goal of accelerating the flow of technologies from development to implementation." Event's content is derived from technical research, IP and venture, company presentations, corporate needs, policy and investment; and sustainable industry.

Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit (June 15 – 16; London). Summit is self-described as an "unparalleled opportunity to connect with the most prominent [European] women leaders in international business, as well as government, media, philanthropy, sports, and the arts." Representative topics include: New thinking in corporate social responsibility; beyond the Eurozone's dysfunction; and the future of digital. The 2015 theme is "Leading with Purpose."

Bloomberg Technology Conference (June 15 – 16; San Francisco). Conference aims to bring together "business leaders and influencers to better understand the way software is transforming business and fueling disruption across all industries." Representative topics include: Management tips from hackers; disruption – the new, new normal; the developer dating game; and the future of work. 2015 theme: "Code and the Corner Office."

Corporate Eco Forum (CEF) Annual Retreat (June 15 – 17; Half Moon Bay, CA). Event aims to provide "a safe environment for senior executives to discuss practical lessons learned, strategize around shared challenges, and explore opportunities to collaborate." Program is member-driven and mainly consists of small, off-the-record working sessions to promote candid, peer-to-peer dialogue. Representative topics include: Embedding sustainability into the corporate DNA, transformative collaboration, circular economy, disruptive innovation, and 2020 goal-setting.

London Business School Global Leadership Summit (June 23; London). Summit is self-described as "the place where global leaders of today meet global leaders of tomorrow," and focuses on innovation, transformation, and change in global organizations. Program addresses such topics as innovation as a business driver; globally responsible leaders; and putting people back into strategy.

Aspen Institute Ideas Festival (June 25 – July 4; Aspen). Event is designed to address trends in politics, culture, science, theology, and academia, with a mission to focus on "restorative reflection on the meaning of the good life, leadership, and sound public policy based on nonpartisan principles and timeless ideas." Event addresses such topics as global dynamics; health and bioscience; and culture and the media.

US News STEM Solutions Conference (June 29 – July 1; San Diego). Conference brings together "leaders and visionaries from business, education, and government to advance the agenda for national change in STEM education, policy and workforce development." Representative topics include: Setting a new standard in science; transforming career and technical education for the global economy; developing holistic support systems for minority students; and making the right technology investments for a school or district.

Noteworthy conferences beginning agenda planning this month

Asian Institute of Management (AIM) will begin solidifying the agenda for its Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility taking place September 8 – 9, 2015 in Bangkok. Forum focuses on "CSR challenges and opportunities for business, government and civil society" in the Asia Pacific region. Event formats include "field visits to innovative CSR program sites." Representative topics include: Strategic business competitiveness; personal skills for CSR managers; and social benefits of CSR.

AppNation will being developing the agenda for its Chief Digital Officer Global Forum being held November 2 – 3, 2015 in Half Moon Bay, CA. Event has a focus on "the new and evolving role of the Chief Digital Officer across a variety of industries and verticals." Representative topics include: How to find, develop, and nurture great digital talent; the state of the economy; and digital engagement in a social and mobile world.

Harvard Business School (HBS) will begin agenda development for its Entrepreneurship Conference scheduled for November 14, 2015 in Boston. Conference aims to cater to both those aspiring to and experienced in entrepreneurship by offering "insights into entrepreneurship from a variety of industry experts, venture capitalists and distinguished entrepreneurs." Agenda addresses such topics as intelligence in market trends; starting a new venture; and building a business.

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