Speechwriter’s Marketing Technique: Rip a leader, get a client

A counterintuitive marketing strategy worked wonders for U.K. freelancer Asher Dresner, according to a story in London’s Daily Mail.

On his blog, Dresner has compared a speech by British Labour Party leader Ed Miliband to “getting an email written all in capital letters,” described Miliband’s vision as “scattered like crumbs in stray sentences,” and derided his speech-making skills as “unemotional, exasperated, lightweight, finger-wagging and hacked off.”

Apparently Miliband’s aides saw Dresner’s blog and thought it made sense; so they hired him, at about $80K.

“Asher was making some constructive criticisms,” a Miliband staffer told the Daily Mail. “As part of the team, he is helping us prepare for power.”

Or as LBJ would say, better to have him pissing out of the tent, than pissing in.

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